Gmail really does send SPAM!!!

Now I know that I’m probably going to get told off for this, and maybe even have some “official notices”, but I’m going to tell it like I see it.

In the past month I’ve got two things going on. I’ve been planning a wedding, and I’ve been discussing money matters with various parties. All in all, a very standard thing to do. Most of this has taken place through my default email account, that just happens to be GMail.

So, why do I think that that’s lead to me being SPAM’ed by Google? Very easy…

In the time that I’ve been organising and planning, I’ve noticed a very sharp change in the subject on the SPAM that I’ve receiving. Over the last month I’ve been getting more and more SPAM emails for loans, credit and insurance.

Before this I’ve been getting the standard level of casino and porn SPAM that everyone gets, but that’s stopped now. Looking at my Gmail SPAM folder it’s been 20 days since I got my last “stay hard” SPAM, and 28 days since I last got any porn SPAM.

What does this tell me? Well, it tells me that Google is scraping the messages that I get (which they say they do, so no problem there) and they are either allowing SPAM to get send to me, or they are selling my details for others to send SPAM to me. Either way, it’s the wrong thing, and Google deserves to be found out about it.

I’d love to hear from everyone else that’s had Google fill their inbox, and SPAM folders with SPAM that relates to their email. The more evidence the better.

And remember, we should all move away from Google products. Seeing this I’m off to set up my own email account with my own server.

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