Grouped Products Not Showing In Product List in Magento

I had an issue today where I was trying to add a set of grouped products in Magento, and no matter what I tried the grouped product would not show on my product list page.

I did all of the right things. I created the single products, ensured that the stock levels were set up correctly, and made sure that these could display in the product listings, so that was all fine.

Then I looked at the grouped product. It all looked fine. Stock OK, visibility OK, and both products added as ‘Related Products’. The grouped product should be showing, but it’s not!

The answer turned out to be simple, and as much as I hate to admit it, it was my own mistake.

The reason that the grouped product wasn’t showing is that the products that need to be added for that group need to be added under ‘Associated Products‘, and not under ‘Related Products‘. As you’d expect, a grouped product that doesn’t have any ¬†products associated with it won’t show because there’s nothing to show.

Yes, i felt stupid. yes I was embarrassed at my own stupidity for forgetting something that basic and simple. But yes, I can admit it, because I know that if I’ve done it, others will too, and I can only hope to ease their pain if they are having the same problem.

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