Help! MySQL in XAMMP keeps crashing!

This is an error that I’ve been getting with some of the newer (PHP V 7.x) versions of XAMMP, and it’s pretty infuriating. From what I’ve read and seen it’s a bug with Maria DB, the “drop-in” replacement for MySQL that’s been adopted by a lot of systems thanks mainly to Oracles take over of MySQL.

The error is a little cryptic and to most people – me included – it doesn’t make much sense to start off with. What happens is that after you re-boot your PC, MySQL just won’t start and has errors.

What this particular error comes down to is that the file ibtmp1 has become too large. Well, that’s the error message anyway. The problem is that this pretty much causes everything to crash and you can’t do anything about it.

The solution that I’ve found (thanks to Stack Exchange) is:

Open shell from from XAMMP control panel and start MySQL with this command:

mysqld –-console –-skip-grant-tables –-skip-external-locking

Open another shell from control panel and repair database with this command:

mysqlcheck -r --databases mysql --use-frm

Stop mysql, close shells and restart mysql normally.

When I have done that. it gets things back to working again. At least so far.

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