It’s gone TITSUP!

Another great computing acronym has come to my attention: TITSUP.

And yes, it is as bad as it sounds!

What it stands for is Total Inability To Support Usual Performance, and that’s just what’s happened and Australia’s ATO.

This stems from on outage on February. According to a review of what went wrong, the SANs in use were configured for speed and not resilience (and we all know that official taxation records don’t need resilience now, do they?). To make matters worse, the recovery software for the SAN’s was located… you guessed it, on the SANs themselves! Brilliant thinking there – ‘When the SAN’s go down the software is right there. What could go wrong?”

With this being Australia’s prime tax return filing time, it’s going to be interesting to see if the tax office’s servers can handle the load this time around.

I don’t know if they originated this, but it’s come from this article over at The Register.

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